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The Way of The Fool

The Tarot is oft referred to as The Fool’s Journey. The Fool is zero. The origination. The unformed, pure potential on the path to awakening.

Embarking on this journey, the naive Fool goes forth with an open heart. Full of wonder, curiosity, childlike joy, completely feckless. This eager Fool is unconcerned by risk or consequence, and seeks only experience.

The untested Fool goes forward with willingness, wonder and an open heart because they have not yet experienced hardship, struggle, or tragedy.

As the naive Fool evolves and integrates the other archetypal energies in the major arcana, they awaken, and with arcanum XXI, The World, reach completion, or enlightenment.

The wise Fool goes forward, with an open heart and mind, willingness and wonder, seeking experience not because they have never “failed”, been lost, devastated by grief—but because they have.

They have learned that we are not here never to err, never to make a mistake, never to suffer, but simply to experience. To revel in this wondrous and infinitely complex human experience.

Simply that. To stay open and willing to live and love and not let hardship harden our hearts. Willing to risk, willing to be transformed, to be seasoned and softened by love.

That is the Way of The Fool.

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