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Descended from many generations of "women who know", I was raised to listen and trust in my inner wisdom and to access the resource of divine guidance, to use it as a compass, with which to navigate the twists and turns of all the pathways of the heart, body, mind, and soul. 

I believe that all people have access to this tool. That our inner knowing is our birthright. Many simply may not have had exposure or support in honoring, heeding, and further developing these so-called “gifts”. It is my belief that our inner intelligence is actually a very natural aspect of our own connection to the divine within each of us.

My role is to reflect my clients' knowing back to them, and thus help them to connect to a sense of power, clarity and agency. In our time together, I hold space and offer loving and compassionate presence, witness and empathetic care that opens the way for my clients to extend the same to themselves as they walk their unique path.

The Tarot, runes and other tools used in this process help us to dialogue with Spirit, the Superconscious, or subconscious and give us a jumping off point or entry point into examining whatever larger patterns are at work in your experience at this time. 

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