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T e s t i m o n i a l s


"I absolutely would recommend Marcela Singleton.

I have had some major life events in the past year. Marcela and her tools: tarot, runes and inner calm have help me illuminate and navigate some tricky situations.  I love the tarot, but Marcela’s readings are so much more. She is knowledgeable, let’s you record your session and encourages you to re-visit. She explains every detail. I am a believer in therapy. Marcela has become my therapist. Marcela guides me to listen my inner self and accept myself as a whole. I am so grateful for Marcela. Marcela has helped me thrive, and reminds me that I deserve to thrive. Thank you Marcela"

-Jackie I.


"Getting a reading from Marcela is like having the poetry of your life read to you. She brings depth, wisdom, and magic to each reading, and explains the symbolism of the cards and runes with such rich metaphor, I often find myself applying those teachings and sharing them with others long after a reading has been completed. Marcela is truly a gifted healer. It is such a blessing to get to work with her."

-Alison M.


"Without a doubt, Marcela is the most talented tarot and rune seer I have experienced. She is the 'real deal' and is obviously initiated in many traditions. She provides a clear channel that is potent, powerful, and profound. She has assisted me, my husband, and close friends in navigating the sometimes tricky path that is life when desiring to choose growth and truth."

-Dayna W.

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