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New Tarot Offerings in 2021

Hey there, Tarot Family! I am very excited to announce a couple of new offerings that I have been cooking up for your sampling in 2021.

First, I would like to remind you of Tarot Tuesday at Two, the on-going, weekly collective reading that I have been offering by donation since spring of 2020. We meet every Tuesday at 2pm Central, via Zoom. We are still going strong almost a year later. Drop in and join us if you feel so inclined!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 754 832 6144 Password: 9u6Ybc

...And now onto the NEW offerings!


(guided study group)

Starts Sunday, January 31, 2021

2 hours per week

$30-60 per class (drop in rate)


$100-200 (discounted monthly rate)

*Ask me about sponsoring another student's participation!

Brew up a pot of tea and join us every Sunday from 2-4pm Central on a guided, ongoing dive into the symbolism, lore, history, meanings and uses of the sacred Tarot.

The first hour will be guided instruction and the second will be group discussion. You will also be invited to membership in a private Facebook group to have a dedicated virtual community space for sharing links and inspiration with other participants.

The focus of the group will be on creating a study community dedicated to learning and increasing facility with all 78 Tarot cards. We will learn how to use the Tarot as a tool for self-awareness and investigation, in readings for ourselves and others, and as a means to dialogue with Spirit and our ancestors.

All sessions will be recorded for continued access.

Email me at with questions or to reserve your spot!

WEEKLY TAROT CHECK-IN (package deal)

Weekly, hour-long private sessions



*$600/month (patron rate, pays for self and sponsors another)

Many clients have expressed a desire to have more frequent sessions together. Checking in with the cards and runes on a weekly basis can be a profound deepening of commitment to growth and self-awareness. Creating a safe container for regular inquiry and investigation can add a new dimension of support for navigation of one's path.

Because having a weekly, hour-long session may be cost-prohibitive for many people, I am now offering a discounted rate for clients who want to dedicate to this deeper dialogue with Spirit.

Payment plans available on request. Clients must commit to advance booking of all 4 monthly sessions. *Ask me for more information about sponsoring the sessions of a client who is unable to pay full price.

Email me at with questions or to schedule your sessions!

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Sarah Sullivan
Sarah Sullivan
15 de jan. de 2022

Looking forward to seeing what 2022 will bring!

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