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8 of Swords

Jupiter is in its detriment in Gemini, it’s expansive energy distracted and divided. In an eight of swords moment we feel trapped, stuck and imprisoned.

Swords, however, is the suit of the tarot that tells us about the state of our mind, our thoughts and the way we are communicating them, both internally and externally. So, here we are being reminded that though our thoughts can shape and change our experience of our reality, thoughts are not things. The door to the cell is ajar. The prison is our own mind.

Time to take inventory and ask “what are the stories I am telling myself right now?”. Listen to the words that you use when you speak with others. Are you reinforcing fear-based, restrictive beliefs? Or might it be possible to rest in the place of saying, “I don’t know.” and have that be okay for now?

It can feel like a big thing to ask ourselves. But if we can relax a little bit, we might begin to see that “I don’t know” is neither positive or negative.

Often, we cling to the negatives because they are known quantities or facts. Or simply out of habit, because to do so feels familiar and therefore known. Or because admitting we don’t actually know is just too uncomfortable.

Eight of swords may indicate that we are engaging a victim mentality, rather than claiming responsibility for the things we do have control over.

We can control what we take in, this goes for media and information, too. And we can control what we say. We can admit our powerlessness to control other people and external realities. We can catch ourselves in the act of falling back onto the familiarity of negative

thinking habits and attempt, in that moment, to choose something different.

Often, getting physical can really help to alleviate the analysi-paralysis of an eight of swords moment. Anything that helps you drop down out of the head and get embodied. Move, shake, dance, walk, love, bathe, sing, hop, be ridiculous.

Just return to this moment.

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