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Boss Bitch

Queen of Pentacles. Elementally: the water of Earth. This Capricorn Queen is a nurturer, as are all of the Tarot Queens, but make no mistake, This Queen is a Boss.

She holds down the fortress, tends her temple, with earthy, no-nonsense stability. The beds are made, every belly is full and she

p r o v i d e s. Surrounded with rich beauty, nature, resources. The wealth of the earth is hers.

In the suit of Pentacles this manifests within the material realm: the world of things, the element of earth. This suit pertains to our home, our finances, sense of abundance, physical health, the body, embodiment in the present moment and the natural world.

We embody the energy of this queen by taking good care of ourselves and those we love, giving attention to our bodies, preparing and eating nourishing meals, tending our gardens, making our homes beautiful, staying present in this moment, engaging in work that supports us— in short, this is what creating stability looks like.

This royal has learned that abundance comes from within and the practice of tending it is the work that creates it.

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