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Three of Wands, sun in Aries. The journey begins in earnest. We have taken the spark of inspiration put forth by the Ace and are running with it. With the two, we marshal our resources of self-confidence, deservedness and our will to create.

The three indicates that we have faced or are facing any internal narratives around lack or limitation about what or who we get to be and have continued to move forward on the path.

We have done some dreaming, researched, made a plan, talked about it with friends and partners... and then...the three is taking the first steps into the as yet unknown territory of actualization. Here we expand into what is possible.

Do not let unfamiliarity or lack of experience or expertise deter you. Unfamiliar does not necessarily mean bad. It just means we have to lean into the potential discomfort of not getting to be “the expert”.

The three of wands, Virtue, in the Crowley Thoth deck, reminds us that when the heart and mind are acting in integrity with the will to create, things beyond our previous imagining and experience become possible.

We are limited only by our own shortsightedness or small-mindedness. This is the time to think BIG. Go beyond what you previously believed possible.

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