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Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles. Sun in Capricorn.

The energy of the four is interesting. It is solid, stable, fixed and unmoving. It marks reaching a point of manifestation but not of fullness or completion.

It is possible to stay/get stuck in the four because of fear or resistance to pushing forward into the instability, conflict, action and creation of the five.

In the suit of Pentacles/Disks, this can look like hoarding, greed, scarcity-thinking. Holding on tightly to the material stability we have amassed for fear of loss.

Check in with your body. When you think about your stability do you feel a tightening and constriction Or an opening and expansion? One is rooted in fear and the other trust.

These times are certainly challenging us in our work around abundance, wellness and stability. It’s easy to understand why we might be in a state of clinging on tightly and self-protection.

If it feels possible for you to do so, see if you can take a few moments throughout the day to take three centering breaths and with each one, name a way in which you are safe, stable, or supported right now.

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