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Heart Connection

Three of Cups. Mercury, the messenger in emotionally nurturing and receptive Cancer offers us communication from the heart.

In this time of physical distance and separation, it is more important than ever to reach out to our families. Whether these are actually your blood relations, or members of your chosen family, these are the ones with whom you connect and communicate at the heart level.

Pick up the phone, get on Zoom, Google Hangouts or send a text or an email. Make an elaborate collaged postcard, put together a care package, shout over the back fence, call out across the street from your stoop. We really have an amazing abundance of ways in which to communicate these days.

Heart connection is the medicine that keeps us strong, that lets us break down and release what’s been pent up, that helps us know that somehow we will get through these challenging times together.

I listened to a story recently about a person who was shown a vision of Hell and of Heaven respectively.

They were taken to a dining room, where a sumptuous feast was laid out, all manner of delights and delicacies spread out upon a grand table. However, to the agony of the starving guests at table, they were equipped only with spoons, 6’ in length. Try as they might, they could not get the food into their mouths from such a great distance.

The visitor was then shown a second, equally opulent banquet. In this room, the dinner guests had the same outrageously impractical 6’ long spoons. However, they were enjoying the treats of the table, using the spoons to feed one another and being fed in turn. All bellies were full and much love and mirth were shared.

It is rare that we are in a situation where every person is impacted by crisis. Usually, there is more of a sense of “taking turns” being visited by difficulty. It is important to remember that though we are all in the same proverbial boat, we can still show up to support one another in the ways that we can.

A friend reached out and left a phone message for me the other day. I was having a rough day and observed myself thinking that I shouldn’t return the call, because “what if they needed support and I wasn’t in the space to give it?”

Reminding myself that this person was someone I trusted enough to be myself around, to be vulnerable and honest with, I called back. We took turns holding space and being supportive while the other fell apart. We both were able to get the support we needed, both able to have a little release of heavy emotions. Both able to feel good about being there for a friend in need.

We used our 6’ spoons to feed each other.

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