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Honoring the Priestess

The High Priestess, II. She who knows. The priestess is our intuitive knowing. The seer of the tarot. The aspect of ourselves that already has all of the information that we need.

She represents our emotional and psychic intelligence. She speaks to us in dreams, symbols, synchronicities, our gut feeling. We feel her in our heart. In our bones. In the marrow of our being. We may not always be able to explain why we feel what we are feeling or know what we know, but that’s ok.

Honoring the High Priestess looks like trusting our gut, even if we can’t justify or explain it to anyone else. Even if it doesn’t add up to an easily parsed narrative. She is nonlinear, non-binary, complex, organic, and her wisdom often is also. She is patterns, not roadmaps. Cycles not schedules. The moon.

So often, we butt up against our capitalist-patriarchal conditioning that wants things to add up to logic or else be disregarded as insubstantial or irrelevant, when really, we don’t need anyone else to honor or validate what we know to be our truth but ourselves.

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