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King of Cups

The King of Cups, air of water, elementally speaking, remains seated upon their throne regardless of the turbulence of the sea which surrounds them.

This royal reminds us that we may feel our feelings and not have it disempower us.

A central part of any addiction recovery program is learning that it is safe to feel. That our feelings, though maybe extremely uncomfortable, will not in fact kill us. That feelings, though real and valid and powerful teachers, are not facts. That we are, in fact, not our feelings.

It is a rare human who is not, in some way, addicted to the illusion of security. We have myriad mechanisms in place to distract us from the fundamental impermanence of existence.

Oftentimes, this looks like little distractions that we reach for to avoid delving into whatever waters are churning within. The King of Cups remains present even in the midst of the storm, reminding us of this capacity within ourselves.

Our emotions have much to teach us. There is much movement, flow and potential for cleansing relief in their release. Let it out, let the grief and loss wash over you in its waves. Dive down below the rushing intensity at the surface, find the still calm in the depths. This is giving ourselves permission to be moved, rather than standing stiffly upright in a false show of strength. The waves are powerful, and will knock us down, if we try to resist them.

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