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King of Cups

The King of Cups is that friend (or aspect of yourself) who has the capacity to listen to you, to see and hear you, however you might be feeling, in any given moment. They understand that emotions are ever-shifting, changeable, fluid.

They hold space for you when you are inundated, without trying to “fix” you or “solve” the “problem” of your emotional intensity. They allow you to be human, magnificently complex, and variable.

They keep their seat, whether stormy weather or cloudless, sunny day; when the seas are roiling and turbulent and when they are still as a placid inland lake’s mirrored surface.

They do not over-identify with or pathologize their emotional experience or that of others, because they understand it is mutable rather than fixed. In a state of perpetual evolution, and that water (cups) is healthiest when it flows, rather than slows, is expressed rather than suppressed, toxic and pestilential only when it is stagnant.

The message of this royal is “your emotions and the emotions of others are not problems to be fixed. Let them flow.”

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