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Losing Perspective

10 of Wands. In a ten of wands moment we feel overwhelmed, overburdened, weighed down, like we are trying to hold too much.

In this place we have lost our perspective. We are trying to carry so much, that we can’t see where we are, where we are going, or anything but a face full of tangled brambles.

This card asks us to examine what we are carrying. Does all of it belong to us? Might some of it belong to others? What are the beliefs we hold about responsibility? If we were to set some things down, what do we believe that would say about us? Would it impact how we see ourselves? Do we believe martyrdom is noble? That no one else will do it if we don’t? Do we trust the people in our lives enough to allow them to (what might appear to us) fail? In what ways is our own self-worth, validity or identity being pinned upon rescuing others?

And most importantly, in what ways is this impacting our ability to have clear perspective?

What can we set down? Let go of? And how does it change our ability to really see the situation for what it is?

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