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No Choice

Ten of Swords, Sun in Gemini, is a grim-looking card— one of the most grisly in any deck, usually. Ten swords pin a prostrate figure to the ground. There is no getting up.

The Tens, in the Tarot are unstable. They are the place where one suit transitions into the next. With the nines, we have a completion and the tens, a movement into the new.

Earthy Pentacles follow the suit of mental, analytical Swords. When we come to this place of having “no choice“ but to let it die mentally, we transition into the more grounded, more stable, earth-element of Pentacles, where we can feel support and connection to our resources. Where we get out of the head and into the body. Phew!

There is a relief here, to be sure. But, first the surrender to what, in a 10 of Swords moment feels like a death. It is. It is the death of believing we will be able to find a mental solution. “Somehow, we will figure it out. If we just keep going around and around with it in our heads.“ Just stop.

This card forces us to accept that sometimes the path of the mind is not the way to clarity. Sometimes we have no choice but to just let it go. When we do finally give over to this surrender, the release and attendant relief are transformational.

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