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Opening to Love

The Ace of Cups. An emergence of the potential to open up, to feel our feelings. An invitation to new or deeper sensory experience. An awakening of the heart, and heart-connected relationship to oneself, others and life in general. An expansion of our capacity for connection with Love.

An opening of the heart is vulnerable. Yes, there is much joy, pleasure and great happiness possible when we open up to truly feel rather than think our feelings.

However, there is also the potential for sadness, grief, and many other emotions, perhaps less comfortable to experience.

To have an opening of the heart is a simultaneously beautiful and terrible thing, it is humbling, tender and life-altering.

Take heart. From the French word for heart (coeur), we have the root of the English “courage“. To be open-hearted is one of the most courageous ways in which we can strive to live. It makes us aware of our connection to all sentient beings, to all life on this planet.

From this place of awakened heart awareness, we see that we are never truly alone. This experience of unity, of interconnection, helps us walk our path with love, compassion and integrity, making choices and taking action for the benefit of all.

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