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Two of Wands, Mars in Aries. The spark of creative potential has been ignited by the Ace of Wands. Now, with the two, we begin to put our plan on paper.

This is still very much a place of creating from the safety of our home base. We have not yet taken that first step off toward the horizon.

Here there are choices to be made. Here we plan, dream, plot, prioritize and reckon with our own confidence and deservednes. Do we really believe that we can embark on this journey? Can we take the energy of the Ace and put it into motion? Or will be allow ourselves to let this idea die on the vine?

There isn't a wrong answer. We may stay in this dreaming and visioning place for days, weeks, months or years. Your process is valid. Relax and release yourself from imposing arbitrary ideals or making comparisons or judgements.

As you work with your own internal sense of right timing, see if you can examine any excuses or self-sabotage that may arise from a place of curious investigation and compassion.

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