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Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords. Moon in Aquarius. This card is often associated with deception, theft, trying to get away with something on the sly.

The way that I receive it is to use it to investigate what I believe that I need to self-protect around? Are there thoughts that I am holding back speaking up about because of trying to retain ground or a position of safety?

Is this prudence justified? Are the things I am thinking are threats “real”? Or are these my own self-doubts or insecurities that I am allowing to cloud my mental clarity and thwart my purpose?

What do you believe that you need to keep hidden? From others? From yourself? Where/what are you holding back in communication? And why? The feeling of futility that speaking up will have any impact, for instance, is something that can keep us from speaking our truth.

There are times when choosing our words with great care and discernment are warranted. Other times this holding back is rooted in fear of danger to the self, or fear of hurting others, worry about what others will think.

Ask yourself if your withholding is empowering or disempowering? Is it diplomacy and skillful communication? Or fear and avoidance? Is it keeping you safe or enslaved and on the run? And yes, it can be both simultaneously.

Discernment and honesty with the self are called for here.

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