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3 of Pentacles. We are more powerful when we stand together. We can build a better world when we value the contributions of ALL.

We are moving towards collectivism in every aspect of this material reality. The pandemic has shown us how irrevocably interconnected we all truly are, for better or for worse.

The “I’m only out for me and mine” ethos of Capitalism, the lie of a “bootstrap meritocracy”, where success is accessible to anyone who “just works hard enough”, the binary narratives of “either/or” that would serve to pit us against one another are coming down, just like monuments to Colonialism and White Supremacy all over the world are coming down.

We can do this when we value the voices and contributions of all. Each person has their part and their unique gifts to contribute to the creation of what will grow in the place of the diseased systems now in their death throes.

Strength through solidarity is the essence of the 3 of Pentacles. We must work together to create justice for all people.

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