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Stepping into the Light

The Sun, XIX. The light of our nearest star, the source of all life on this planet, is given freely to rich and poor alike. It causes all to rise up from the fecund earth and be born.

When The Sun arises in a reading, some aspect of your self is stepping into the light of awareness. There is a simple, innocent joy in recognizing that we exist beyond the limitations of our small mind. That we are part of larger cycles, and are blessed by the warmth and life-giving Sun, though we do nothing to “earn” this.

Seeing the deeper meaning of things, relinquishing the ego-driven lower mind of attachment and over-personalization, we step into the light of the higher mind.

This is a path of humility, acceptance of what-is, and surrender. To stand in the light, naked and without shame— this requires vulnerability and is true virtue. Being fully, radiantly ourselves.

Walking in this light of our truth, we have the potential to transform limiting perceptions of the self and other. We open to experiencing abundance, prosperity, fertility, creation, freedom and simple, childlike joy.

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