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The Hierophant

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

In older decks, arcanum V, The Hierophant, was called The Pope.

This card is ruled by earthy, stable, home-loving Taurus, the bull. A perfect fit for tonight’s new moon, leaving assertive Aries and moving into gentler, more patient Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet governing beauty, sensuality and grace, which interestingly, is retrograde this week.

Retrogrades often get a bad rap and generate a fear response as a time when things fall apart or are dysfunctional. In my view, they truly are our teachers, presenting situations which open the way for evaluation of what’s working and what needs work or to be released altogether. They put us in a place where we have the opportunity to be schooled by our own resistance.

So, we are really being asked to look at what we want (and need) to tend to in our lives right now. What really contributes to our sense of stability and connection and what, perhaps, have we believed fulfills that role, but actually does not? What needs to fall away to make space for the new?

The Hierophant is a teacher. They are “Heaven being brought down to Earth”. Spiritual wisdom put into practice. Dedication to the cultivation process, the work of tending to our spiritual practices.

When the Hierophant arises, we are being asked to become students, to be open to finding meaning, to learn from circumstances rather than being victimized by them. There is a teaching being offered. Listen with the eagerness of a student.

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