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The Moon

The Moon, XVIII. The Moon speaks to us of what is in the shadow, what lies beneath the surface of the waters of conscious awareness. Some simplify this to signify deception or illusion— and these certainly are aspects of experiencing our unexamined shadow.

Our shadow, the unknown, what we fear both within and outside of ourselves, that of which we are unaware— or if we are aware, attempt to obscure from others, because we believe these qualities unworthy of love.

That which is unmet within us is often projected onto the screen of our waking life, played out in our most intimate relationships or in our dream world.... the subconscious mind’s attempt to bring us to awareness, examination, investigation, illumination.

The Moon works according to her own cycle. The times she shows us her darkness are the times to start our new work, set our intentions for what we will bring into being.

All faces (phases) of the moon are necessary in her progression.

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