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The Moon

The Moon. The subconscious mind. What lies beneath the surface of these Piscean depths?

The Moon takes us down to examine our murky inner depths. Being with the archetype of the Moon often submerges us in our shadow work. Diving down deep into what is not fully illuminated.

Sometimes waking up to our truth is not about climbing up to the heights where we have clearer perspective, but sinking down into these unknown and mysterious waters, surrendering to the feelings that one finds there. They are important clues to unlocking self-acceptance.

What are the things you keep hidden from others for fear of not being loved? What do you hide even from yourself?

The Moon asks us to trust in the process of becoming. All phases of the moon are essential. Her dark, new face and her illuminated, full face, are both faces of power.

The multiplicity of her changes and transformation from new to full, swells the tides.

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