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The Ocean

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Our Card of the Day today, The Ocean, is from Kim Krans’ ‘Wild Unknown Archetypes’ deck.

The archetype of The Ocean represents the unconscious, the unknowable depths of the subconscious mind, and the effect it has on our emotional tides.

The Tarot suit that rules emotional intelligence, intuition, dreams, psychic awareness and heart connection, is Cups, it’s element is Water. It is interesting that Cups also address our relationships.

Incomprehensibly vast, we cannot possibly control or manage The Ocean. We fear it, revere it, respect it, are inspired by it and all told are suitably in awe of its power.

We cannot begin to fathom all that it contains. It Is the original womb of all life on Earth. The ocean’s tides are intimately connected to the Moon’s phases, influenced by the gravitational pull of the Earth and the position of The Sun. Like the ocean, we ebb and flow, have high and low tides.

From Krans’ guidebook: “The Ocean displays every emotion without shame. To witness its glassy moonlit surface and it’s unforgiving storms is to know the full spectrum of the human experience.”

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