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Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles. Jupiter in Capricorn. Balance is not a fixed, perfect or static state but one of constant shift, adjustment and change. We don’t ever “arrive” at balance but dance (or wobble, swing, flail) in and out of it. “Change“, as they say, “is the only constant.“

In the material realm of Pentacles, this balancing act can cause so much anxiety, exhaustion and stress.

This card asks us to manage our time to prioritize that which creates stability in our lives. We are making little adjustments all of the time, and this is as it is meant to be.

In this current period of radical flux, our swinging out to the extremes may feel especially drastic. It is helpful to remember that this is extremely normal under the circumstance, as we are all making such radical adjustments in our lives.

There can be a tendency to judge or castigate oneself during difficult periods of adjustment. We somehow believe that we should know what to do to get back to center, and if we don’t or can’t, somehow that’s a fail. We can fall into “if only” syndrome, telling ourselves, “if only this (thing beyond my control) were/weren’t this way, I would be ok.” In this tendency to pin our stability on external circumstances, it is normal to feel disempowered, helpless and out of control.

Rather than seeking a rigid or fixed state, see if you can feel the loosening and opening when you let yourself be flexible, fluid and relax the need to control.

Rather than seeking to manage the unmanageable, ask yourself, “ Am I prioritizing what is essential to keep myself supported in this moment?”

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